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Why IV Therapy?

Updated: May 5

IV Therapy Saline Bag

I was asked a question yesterday by a stranger who happened to overhear my conversation with a coworker. She interrupted me to ask, “why in the world would you get an IV if you’re not sick?”

This question is the exact problem with our thinking when it comes to our overall wellness. As a society, we are misinformed when it comes to functional and preventative medicine. We go to the doctor when we are at our worst, pouring out money for copays and lab diagnostics to try and alleviate the worst of ailments. We tear apart our guts taking antibiotics we don’t even need because physicians have limited time to figure out what is wrong in the first place. We have to take a stand and start thinking about our health differently and holistically. You must protect your body from getting sick in the first place. Our job is to assist you in the continuum of illness to wellness. We can advise which IV micronutrients would benefit your body.

When I first started researching IV wellness therapy in hopes of opening my own business, my main focus was rehydration for hangovers. Five years ago, I had vacationed to Las Vegas and experienced the idea of concierge IV hydration and thought it was a genius idea. It wasn’t until this year that I finally got sick of seeing my patients at their worst. I knew in the back of my mind if they had only done x, y, or z, they could’ve prevented this heart attack, stroke, or cancer. It is difficult to watch people suffer. Maybe they would have one more year to celebrate with their loved ones if preventative wellness and education were available. The benefits of IV wellness hydration are clinically proven. They provide energy, immunity, cell rejuvenation, and biogenesis.

I have spoken to patients who have lost limbs due to vascular health who don’t even have a healthy diabetic nutrition plan. People who have been admitted to the hospital multiple times because they have never learned how to control their Diabetes with nutrition and proper nutrition could have prevented the vascular nightmare they experienced. Glutathione is just one of the fantastic additives we use in our infusions. If you have Diabetes, it is one of our first recommendations. The high levels of oxidative stress and decreased glutathione (GSH) levels further complicate the diabetic state and leads to even higher levels of oxidative stress and even lower levels of GSH. It would be beneficial for anyone who has Diabetes to increase their antioxidant supplementation.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you the IV therapy is going to fix all of your health problems, but I will tell you that it is a fantastic place to start! When you take oral nutritional vitamins, they are only absorbed about 20% into your body because of the way digestion works. When you infuse nutrients directly into your bloodstream, the effects are instant, and the results last up to 2 weeks. Depending on your gut health, the food and nutrients you eat may not even benefit your overall health as much as you think.

I had to laugh one day when we were infusing a group of people, and one of the men yelled out that he would never infuse our crap into his body! He stated that “his body was a temple!” The ironic part was, while he was gloating about his decision to avoid the infusions, he was drinking drink after drink of hard alcohol. So he was refusing to infuse 100% purely organic vitamins and minerals into his body. Still, he was throwing down vodka like it as about to go out of style. I urge you to research the benefits of infusions. Take charge of your health and prevent illness for a change instead of taking another round of antibiotics.

People get freaked out sometimes by the price of wellness infusions. If you consider the cost of copays and your pharmaceutical bills, not to mention the time off from work, it makes more sense to invest hard-earned dollars into a preventative infusion. People ask me at work all the time, “how do you have so much energy? “How are you working two jobs, opening a business, and taking care of two kids all at once?” It’s all about taking care of yourself. Take the time to invest in a massage every once in a while. Take 20 min to meditate before you head to work for another 12-hour shift. Get an infusion! B-12 will make you feel like a new person. I couldn’t believe how much energy I had the day after my first infusion. At the very least, call Round 2 to speak with an infusion expert about how we can help you improve your health TODAY!

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