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Today’s available anti-aging solutions go beyond the imagination; particularly when discussing Viora’s treatment capabilities. Viora’s V-VR, V-FR and V-ST technologies, specifically designed for women’s health represent breakthrough options for complete skin rejuvenation. Dr. Jennifer Hill, a urologist and urogynecologist at Suffolk Pelvic Medicine, and her patients have had positive experiences with vaginal rejuvenation treatments using Viora’s intravaginal technology, the V-VR.

Every woman will experience vaginal changes during the different seasons of their life, including their childbearing years, pre-and post-menopause, following significant weight loss, and naturally as they age. The V-VR treatment—a safe, innovative, and non-surgical radiofrequency procedure which has been used to treat thousands of women across the globe—is an effective new therapy to address many of the concerns women have regarding their feminine wellness through any stage of life.

Unmatched Safety With Two Proprietary Technologies


Co-Polar™ technology has the benefit of delivering RF energy
with precision control—preventing
the chance of any unexpected
pain or discomfort.

Co-Polar and CORE

CORE™ technology allows your
provider to deliver RF energy at
controlled depths to treat your
specific concerns—from superficial
to the deep vaginal muscle layer.

While visiting Dr. Hill’s clinic, she introduced us to a 58-year-old patient named Claire. Claire had gone through menopause and started to feel the symptoms that many women experiences; vaginal dryness being one of the most common. Claire shared her experience with Viora’s intravaginal V-VR treatment and V-ST and V-FR procedures for a labiaplasty: a medical procedure, involving the reshaping and shortening of the labia minora and majora (the outer and inner lips). Claire recounted that she felt relaxed and did not feel any pain during the 20-minute treatment. In fact, Claire felt comfortable enough to chat with Dr. Hill throughout the treatments. Claire also noted, she has not noticed any immediate or long-term side effects after the treatment.

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In the weeks following Viora’s vaginal and labial treatments, Claire experienced a noticeable difference in how she felt both inside and out. She no longer suffers from vaginal dryness and feels more alive, vibrant, and now has a more fulfilling sex life.

Whether your concerns are symptomatic, sensational, or superficial (cosmetic); return your vitality with V-VR. Explore how this treatment can get you back to the life you love and feeling your most confident and empowered self.

Please use Viora’s Clinic Finder tool to locate a nearest practitioner for a consultation.


Individual Patients that benefit from Viora’s V-VR treatment include vaginal atrophy, dyspareunia patients and those with chronic pelvic pain. Dyspareunia is a condition where the patient has difficult or painful sexual intercourse. Some common causes that can lead to dyspareunia include vaginal dryness because of menopause, breastfeeding, childbirth, and/ or some medications/treatments. With a series of V-VR treatments, vaginal dryness can resolve. UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections) can also lead to dyspareunia. The V-VR treatments can reestablish the natural PH levels and reduce or even eliminate the need for antibiotics which changes the body’s microbiome. This in turn helps to keep urinary tract infections under control. Following such treatments, patients will encounter less urgency and/or getting up less at night.

If you are interested in learning more about vaginal treatment solutions, you can look for healthcare providers that have successfully incorporated V-VR / V-FR options by Viora into their practice.

Patients seeking other treatments for the labia majora and minora, they may consider the widely offered V-ST for a completely non-invasive solution with no-downtime.

In Europe, V-VR is indicated for electrocoagulation of soft tissues for vulvovaginal laxity. In the United States, V-VR is indicated for temporary relief of minor muscle aches and pain, temporary relief of muscle spasm, and temporary improvement of local blood circulation.


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